7 Ideas on How to Organize Bathroom

In this guide I will show you a few ideas on how to organize bathroom

1. Q-tips and cotton balls - keep in plain sight

bathroom designs, how to organize bathroom,bathroom accessories, organize bathroom Let your "consumables" - q-tips and cotton balls - always be visible. Store them in clear containers - so you'll know when to renew your stock Store all brushes in an upright position - then you don't have to clean the drawers from the remains of powder, shadow and blush.

2. Nice and Neat!

bathroom designs, how to organize bathroom,bathroom accessories, organize bathroom, bathroom storage,organize drawersMost mornings we have only 10 minutes to get up and get out of the house - there is no time to find the correct shade or lipstick. To save time, arrange cosmetics in special storage with lots of small compartments. For this purpose perfectly fit the usual silverware divider. Put it in a drawer and distribute all the "lady's beauty tools" - separate shadows, separate blush, lipsticks, etc. And buying a new cosmetics, choose the ones that could easily fit in your storage.

3. Daily cream - at your fingertips

Another idea to organize bathroom- take care of your skin care.The cream that you use every day, must always be at hand - at the sink or mirror cabinet. The rest - suntan lotion, tampons, etc. - put away.

4. Keep your washcloths separately

bathroom designs, how to organize bathroom,bathroom accessories, organize bathroom, bathroom storage,washcloth storage, bathroom basketKeep your washcloth separately from the hand towels and bath towels to avoid losing them .
The perfect solution for this is a small basket or clear container.

5. Expired skincare and makeup - in the trash

Even the most favorite lotions and creams eventually lose their effectiveness and start to smell . Check out your old stocks and discard what you have not used. Many cosmetics have "shelf-life" after opening the package: look for it on the label. On average, an opened cosmetic for eyes is suitable for about six months, the cream - a year, and lipstick - two years. In order to keep track of how long you have a particular cosmetic product, write the month and year when you start to use it on a piece of paper and glue it with adhesive tape to the bottom of the bottle. If you start to doubt the freshness of the cream - just look at the mark.

6.Do not hide your toilet paper rolls

bathroom designs, how to organize bathroom,bathroom accessories, organize bathroom, bathroom storage,toilet paper rolls storage,toilet paper holder Perhaps you've hit a two-way awkward situation: the first - you have yourself on the toilet and suddenly ended up with no toilet paper, the second - you're in your friend's bathroom and suddenly ended up with no toilet paper again. Agree to, go through other people's drawers and shelves in search of a new roll - something embarrassing. To avoid similar situation in the future - keep your toilet paper rolls within arm's length. For this ideal situation keep toilet paper stacked near the toilet. With regard to the scenario number two, hopefully, your friends, will also read this advice.

7. Time to use ceiling space

bathroom designs, how to organize bathroom,bathroom accessories, organize bathroom, bathroom storage, hunging storage basket, hanging bathroom storageEvery inch of your bathroom counts, look up. Why not try the space of a ceiling to organize bathroom! A multi-level fruit basket is a perfect solution as an additional storage. It can be hung in a corner of a shower or bath and hold shampoos and gels. Its mesh structure would allow to dry the children's toys and washcloths - the water will gently flow down into the bath.

I hope my ideas will help you to organize bathroom.

How do you organize your bathroom ?

Do you have a great organizing tips?

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