Majestic Porcelain Floor Tiles.

One of the most popular varieties for bathroom is porcelain floor tiles, which also known as ceramic granite.

Huge advantage of ceramic granite is its very broad range of colors, patterns, designs and sizes.Unglazed polished porcelain tile flooring designs are popular, while the glazed design is highly preferred for bathroom flooring.

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Ceramic and porcelain tiles may seem similar, but there are a number of differences between them. For instance, a porcelain tile is much denser and also less absorbent than a ceramic tile. Porcelain is also made from much finer material than ceramic and is thus more resistant to heavy impact. This comparison of porcelain versus ceramic tile is important in making your decision on the porcelain tile flooring designs to use.

Manufacture of ceramic granite - is a high-tech process. A porcelain tile is formed from fine porcelain clay which is heated under very high temperatures to make the tile strong. Apart from being strong porcelain tile is durable, water and stain resistant.

There are many porcelain flooring designs such as the basket weave, the grid, the diamond, the brickwork and more. You could also create a natural looking porcelain design for your floor given that porcelain can mimic many other natural surfaces

Another porcelain floor design you might like to try out is the herring bone. As the name suggests, small tiles are laid out in a herring bone pattern at either 90 or 45 degrees angle. A zigzag pattern is created by placing each tile at a right angle form the previous one.

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Porcelain floors are easy to clean. However, cleaning them depends on the surface texture of the porcelain floor tiles in question. When cleaning unpolished porcelain tiles, clear the dirt by sweeping them first then proceed to use a mop with a mixture of hot water and a non bleaching cleaning solution. Scrub the tiles with a bristled brush, leave for ten minutes then wipe with a rag and clean with clean water and a mop.

When cleaning polished porcelain tile floor follow the same instructions but instead of sweeping with a broom use a dust mop. For a textured porcelain floor, change directions while scrubbing the floor to get under the bumps and ripples. There are polishing solutions that can be purchased in stores but you must always read and follow the instructions given.

Porcelain tiles are an ideal choice for your home due to their many advantages. Consider them for your flooring to finally get that quality finish.

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