Pretty in Pink Bathroom

Pretty in Pink Bathroom theme is very interesting and lovely

Pink provides feeling of caring and love.It is an deal color for small bathrooms.It also was a color trend back then in 1950s, but many people still love their pink bathrooms.

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This pretty in pink bathroom is charming with subtle characteristics that keep it trendy. Since the color pink is powdery, it is often associated with a small girl. However, the sophisticated wicker accents and furniture are an elegant touch making this bathroom suitable for all ages.

The entire design is filled with soft pink tile including floor tile that offer a great contrast with a shade darker in pink. The pink tile border with tan designs ties in the rest of the accents toning down the overall blush color. The brightness from the top of the white tub along with the splash of white in towel accessories and table tops also assist in softening the large amount of pink. But, it's the accents alone that really turn this bathroom into a sophisticated design.

pink bathroom,pretty in pink,pink tile,modern style

This salmon pretty in pink bathroom uses contemporary design of light colors as a contrast to the dark accessories. The salmon pink striped wall ranges in hues of light, medium, and dark serving as a main focal point for the entire room. This doesn't take away from the architectural beauty of the neighboring accent wall covered in solid salmon pink tile.

The openings allow additional décor in a dark brown to help tie in the remaining parts of design. The indented lights within the openings are just an added showcase feature as well. The dark brown shelving across the entire bottom half of the wall is great as a foundation for additional décor.

However, the overall color helps with the geometric look as well as the entire feel this bathroom design offers. The rug, bathroom holder, small framed double mirrors allow an even flow with their dark features having the ability to offset the entire blush color. The wall mounted white sink is the perfect contrast to the business of the striped accent wall.

pink bathroom,pink tile bathroom,small pink bathroom,pretty in pink

The design of this pink bathroom helps show the difference that tile placement can make in a small space. The bottom half of the wall is full of this dark pink tile with soft swirls that flow directly onto the floor. The soft design of the pink and white border gives an even affect at the point when the two color tiles change. The dark pink tile is a beautiful contrast to the soft white tile that travels upward towards the ceiling.

However, on the wall behind the toilet shows an accent strip with additional pink tile surrounded by a matching border is placed. This directs the senses upwards allowing an illusion of expansion in a smaller bathroom. The same thing applies with the spots of accent pink tile sparingly placed throughout the upper half of the white wall. The opposite wall contains a built in closet covered by metal framed doors providing a bigger appeal as well. The simple white fixtures are perfect to assist with space management.

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