Magic Purple Bathroom

Royal Purple Bathroom symbolize mystery and magic bathroom

Purple color is usually associated with regal and luxury.Purple is also believed to be the ideal color for bathroom, because it combination of red and blue, which are warmest and coolest colors.

Purple is relevant color and it shades rages from soft lilac to amethyst to rich eggplant color.Purple design bathroom give you confidence no matter what theme or style you pick.

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The purple floor tiles are placed diagonally making the flow of the bathroom more natural rather than uniformed. The main focal point of this bathroom style is the striped purple and ivory wall that also holds a symmetrical design. This, of course, matches the opposite wall that uses the same textured design in an all ivory colored scheme.

The purple backsplash on the bottom of this solid colored wall as well as the thin border on top also helps to keep the solid light wall from looking bare. Since purple is such a rich color; it's important to add light accents and fixtures to help keep it from being overpowering.

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The overall combination color of purple and brown is the perfect background for the lacquer purple accessories throughout this purple bathroom. The matching shiny tile that resembles marble helps to bring out the bright purple wall mounted vanity and cabinets.

The sleek purple vanity with the golden top adds some light into a dark colored bathroom. It also helps tie in additional golden accessories for that powerful contrast. The contemporary mirror with an odd shaped purple frame is a beautiful touch to this stylish bathroom.

But, what makes this design complete are the lighted mirrors placed next to the purple lacquer cabinets. It's unique and memorable which is what this bathroom represents!

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The perfect color paired with purple is ivory and that is exactly what this decorative bathroom offers. The overall ivory wall with minimal design is a perfect solid contrast to a dark powdery purple.

The elongated purple tile on the wall creates two accent strips that match the border surrounding the tub. This is a perfect offset to the overall ivory and helps to bring out the colored mosaic found in various indentations. The thin border around the purple accent strip ties in the overall design and colors.

The white contemporary fixtures are a great touch to this ivory and purple bathroom along with the light, medium, and dark backsplash found throughout. The alternating colors of the mosaic tie in the entire design creating a charming bathroom with decorative features.

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This bathroom offers a soft hue of purple along with a decorative touch to create a very traditional and charming bathroom. The soft hue color is found on the overall wall, but stops about three quarters high and is topped with a matching thin line border.

The white flower border is the perfect touch to bring out the white rug and accents throughout. The dark colored traditional vanity is the main focal point in the room allowing the overall design to blend together. This matches the framed mirror as well as the additional planted décor.

Hints of dark accessories mixed with the light background color helps to maintain an even amount of shade. The granite top is a perfect compliment for the brass colored fixture and also helps to tie in the additional accessories.

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