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Red Bathroom is generally increases energy and passion because red is the warmest of all colors

Red color in bathrooms fits many bathroom styles.But be careful choosing a red for your bathroom, it can visually change the size of the bathroom.

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This unique red bathroom uses red and white as a perfect contrast combination. The elongated bright red tile on the walls match the smaller square tiles on the floor to help with adjusting the eyes to an equal amount of space. The white border with red flowers also assists in preventing the overall color of red to become overpowering.

The white island found in the middle of the bathroom is an uncommon architectural addition, but is perfect with the border surrounding it to allow all of the colors to flow together smoothly. The white wall mounted vanity with two lavatory sinks is placed on the red wall tile, again allowing the two colors to contrast equally.

But, it's the silver accessories that provide additional color to this all red and white bathroom. The unique stand alone tub with lion's feet is a soft touch to this charming, but contemporary style. Most of all; the side window allows some beautiful natural light. This is assuming that the euro contemporary styled chandelier isn't in use.

burgundy bathroom, traditional red bathroom, red and white tile

The deep burgundy colored shiny tile with swirls of black holds a traditional appeal especially when paired with white. The checkerboard floor allows the size of the bathroom to seem larger due to the alternating light and dark colors.

Elongated burgundy tile serves as a border around an all white tub and matches the tile placed halfway up the wall. As a perfect match to offset the dark red; white tile is placed on the wall all the way up to the ceiling separated by a white and red border to tie in the overall design. Subtle accessories in tan are the perfect splash of contrasting color that transforms this into a charming bathroom with current trends.

But, the most contributing factor is the natural sunlight coming from the window above the tub. This allows a bright ambiance to bathe a dark design making it perfect for the bathroom area.

red bathroom vanity, red mirror,red bathroom cabinet

Who says that a red bathroom has to be completely designed in red? This particular room uses red furniture as a main focal point. If the red accessories were taken away; all that would be left is a charcoal gray and white bathroom with one accent wall of red.

The dark floor is a perfect contrast to the white wall tile. The unique black, charcoal gray, and white border behind the mirror is another great way to tie in the entire design. The adjacent wall uses the same border to separate the strip of elongated red tile from the overall white tile. By using this one red strip; it allows the red furniture to be safely added without creating an eyesore. The large window in the corner allows natural light to soften the dark hue caused by the floor and border.

However, the red furniture is what really makes this bathroom stand out. The unique red framed mirror is a perfect addition to the black, gray, and white border as well as tie in the red vanity, cabinet, and rug. Because red is such a perfect color to offset anything black and white; this bathroom as become very chic with its overall design.

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red bathroom,funky bathroom, red and gray tile,modern bathroom

This bathroom design is as contemporary as they come. It uses shiny red and light gray tile to give an additional architectural effect by having the ability to cast reflections. The strategically designed wall offers a 3D effect and uses the overall red for drama.

With the added touches of gray and silver located on parts of the ceiling, in the fixtures, and a portion of the wall; this allows the abundance of the red color to soften. Even the gray and white checker floor that surrounds the bright red middle is an additional help to relaxing such a busy and contemporary bathroom. The gray fixtures are a perfect touch as well as the stand alone shower floor with frameless doors.

But, it's the large mirror placed next to the shower that also enables a massive reflection that will constantly keep your sight moving. This is more than just a red bathroom; this is a piece of architectural artwork.

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