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How to easily redesign your bathroom

When looking for remodeling and makeover ideas in the bathroom, it doesn't take much to do. Sometimes, it's as simple as buying newer accessories and tweaking the theme of the bathroom. It does not require much to change your bathroom's appearance.

The first recommendation is to create a budget and determine prices for every change. Try to stick to or close to the budget, but at the same time you want to stay fungible with your list of improvements in case other remodeling ideas appear. Most of these changes can be done without professional help, but some of them may require a professional depending on how handy you are.

The ideas for remodeling and makeovers range, but for small changes, there are several options.

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Try these ideas first:

  • Paint - Try a new paint color in the bathroom. It's usually recommended to paint the bathrooms in light, vibrant colors to create the appearance of a bigger room. Just remember to paint a primer coat first, so the new paint job appears fresh and clean.
  • Medicine cabinet/mirrors - Changing the mirrors and/or storage above the vanity is another easy change that can be done without professional help and will alter the appearance of the bathroom.

If the smaller ideas didn't constitute enough of a change, there are other options for makeovers. These options may be a little tougher to do and may require some professional help.

  • Lighting fixtures - One of the easiest ideas for remodeling and makeovers is changing the lighting. You can change both the lighting fixture and location to give your bathroom a new look. Adjusting the style of light will help if you're changing the theme of the bathroom. Changing the location may help bring light to other areas that previously weren't very well lit. Adding a dimmer switch or fan can also change the look of your bathroom. Make sure to take the correct safety precautions before starting any job that is working with electricity.
  • Flooring - Adjusting the flooring may not be as difficult as it you think. Many smaller homes have stick-on tiling that can be pulled up quickly or covered with different looking stick-on tiles. If you want more of a change, swapping over to hardwood floors from tiles, or vice versa is another substitution that can be made. Also, if you have leftover tiles, another option would be to tile on the walls around the shower, but it's not recommended to do this with stick-on tiles.

These are some of the smaller ideas for remodeling and makeovers, and there are many other budget decorating ideas. Whatever you do, make sure to consult a professional if you feel any of the adjustments may be too difficult for you to do.

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