Remodeling Small Bathroom - Tips and Tricks

If you are a bit afraid of starting your remodeling small bathroom project the best thing to do is to get to know your bathroom well first. If you have been longing to start your household project, then here are some remodeling tips.

Making a Design Plan

The first thing to do is to get some sheets of graphing paper. Start out with a few of your design plans by measuring your bathroom space accurately and then drawing it on scale on the square graphing paper. This way, you will be able to see exactly how everything is situated on your floor plan.After drawing an exact measurement of the bathroom space as well as how it actually looks, get another piece of graph paper to draw the scale drawings of the things that you would like to design it with. Cut out these shapes that you have already drawn and arrange them on the outline drawing of your actual bathroom.

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Move Things Around

If you already own a radiator or towel warmer, one remodeling small bathroom idea to free up more space is to put it in a higher location. This can make more space for a toilet or a sink. Another tip is to place your bathtub in the farest wall of the bathroom. In small bathrooms, space is limited because of the location of the pipe work as well as uneven walls, but if you would still like to install a bathtub, placing it across from the door can be one option you can try.

Use Shaped Shower Cubicles

Using the cut out drawing that you made, you can test different types of layouts and designs that can provide you with many ideas that will surely work out for you. One great small bathroom remodeling idea for shower cubicles is to use one with curved sides in replacement for square-shaped ones. These costs a little bit more, but it is entirely worth it especially if space is your priority.

Sliding Doors and Wall Mirrors - Efficient Space Savers

Sliding doors are great space-savers, since a door which eliminates the need for more space will give you a lot more options in designing your small bathroom. Mirrors are effective decorations since they provide impressions of a larger space. A remodeling small bathroom technique is to mount wall mirrors that are full length. These will not only provide its function, but it will also make the space look bigger.

small bathroom remodeling, small bathroom makeover

Small Toilets and Ceramic Tiles

In remodeling small bathroom, it is essential to look for functional but small things to use. One effective way to do this is to make use of a small and slim toilet. This will make use of limited wall space and will allow you to add more things or to design the bathroom the way you like it. To top everything off, choose simple ceramic tile designs for your bathroom shower. You can choose pairs in different colors, such as blue and white. These ceramic tiles are simple and they cost reasonably so, but they will still look great in a small bathroom.

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