Guide to picking small bathroom vanities

Small bathroom vanities have become more popular recently as bathrooms have become smaller and people have been trying to find ways to maximize bathroom space

A new vanity can be a room-changer, so you should choose wisely.

If you're in the process of redesigning a small bathroom, picking out a vanity is one of the first decisions you should make after deciding on tiling and the color-scheme of the room.

Here is what to look for when looking for a small bathroom vanity:


The first option to decide on is what size best fits the space. The smaller bathrooms typically require a single sink, but they can range in bulk and size.

Measure your area and determine how far out into the room the vanity can go without being intrusive. If you are unsure about the size, go for smaller.

If it needs to be smaller than 20 inches, a pedestal sink is another option; however the vanity sink is more versatile for storage needs.

When determining the size, also take into consideration whether the vanity will be on the ground or hung from the wall. The wall-hung vanity appears to create more space because of the opening underneath it, so smaller bathrooms may benefit from the wall-hung vanity.

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In small vanities, brighter colors create the illusion of more space; if you're repainting the bathroom before installing the vanity, take this into consideration.

Colorful bathroom vanities will also brighten up the room, but make sure you are set on the style and colors of the bathroom before picking a new vanity.

Make sure to match everything, including towel racks, curtains and tiles to the new vanity. The accessories chosen for your small bathroom vanity will help create a more practical and better-looking bathroom.

Vanity surface

Another option for the vanity is deciding whether or not you want a marble or granite surface. The marble is a solid surface that cleans and scratches more easily. Granite is a more expensive option, but it is more durable. It also stains and retains water more than marble. Neither granite nor marble matters when choosing a small bathroom vanity.


Determining what goes above the sink is crucial. Some small bathroom vanities come with the mirror included in the set, but others require it purchased separately.

This is another area where you can create more space in the bathroom.

There are two options to enhance the overall space and appearance in the bathroom with the mirror:

1) Create a medicine cabinet behind the mirror to remove clutter from the counter.

2) Make the mirror as large as possible. The more light that bounces off the mirror, the larger the room looks.


Make sure the vanity fits the needs that are required. Examine the drawers and cabinet space to see if it stores everything it needs to.

The worst possible outcome would be to buy and install a new vanity only to find out it doesn't have enough storage space.

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