Small space bathroom - how visually to enlarge it.

Unfortunately, the majority of us have small space bathrooms, although it seems that the trend in bathrooms is going toward bigger ones. Here are few tricks, which will help you visually enlarge small bathroom.

1. Try to avoid screaming bright and contrasting colors. Better to use cold colors - they are visually extend the space. If cold colors (for example blue) increases room, warm (for example orange) will quickly reduce the space. The most suitable colors for small bathroom - pastel (light green, light blue, light pink, apricot, light gray, cream) or white.

2. Choose furniture and curtains in one tone. Any contrasting furniture will decrease space, making the room smaller.

3. Add more light. Lighting is a key element, which opens space, making bathroom more clear and accessible. For a small space bathroom the best is built-in lights, hidden spot lights or natural sunlightPerfect idea will be to add window if you have outside wall, or skylight.

4. Get rid of extra unnecessary accessories, things that clutter up bathroom. The fewer things will be in the bathroom, the more it will look.

5. Floor and ceiling are the fifth and sixth walls in your bathroom. Use bright shiny floor tiles, and it will make the small space bathroom larger. The same applies to the ceiling - use a white or light color in order to "open" space.

6. Use mirrors! Remember, wall mirrors increase the size of the bathroom. Mirrors create not only the specific reflection, but they also reflect more light and color. If you use a mirror tiles, your small space bathroom will look twice bigger.

7. Hang the painting on the wall. One big picture in this case better than a group of several small paintings.

8. Observe the color balance of your bathroom. One big brightly colored element can suppress and reduce the visible space, to divert the attention and visually divide the bathroom into parts.

9. Arrange furniture along the walls. Do not put any objects in the middle of the bathroom; it will divide the space into parts.

10. Better use tall vertical cabinets or bathroom storages, then horizontal ones.

11. Try to arrange the sink in the corner. Due to free space in the center of the bathroom it will seem more interesting.

12. If you have shower curtains make sure use the lighter ones. The more air will penetrate through them, the better.

13. In order to enlarge the bathroom, which has a shower with enclosure, open the shower doors, it will create a feeling of more space.

14. Put the object that attracts attention (a beautiful floor vase, flower pot) to the farthest corner from the entrance of the bathroom.

15. Use small glazed tiles for walls and floors instead of large tiles to virtually increase space.

16. Wall-mounted toilet will work better in small space bathroom, then the floor one.

17. In small bathroom it may be worth thinking about installing a modern and comfortable shower cabin than bathtub or Jacuzzi. Shower cabins occupy little space, are stylish and have beautiful appearance.

18. Wall-hung sinks, pedestal sink or corner sinks will give you more space than the regular vanity.

Does you bathroom look bigger? Enjoy it.

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