Stunning Acid stained concrete flooring

Acid stained concrete flooring is probably the most interesting and relatively inexpensive type of bathroom floor

Building a new bathroom and no idea what would be a great flooring material? Well here is a practical and unique solution. Tiles are a traditional bathroom flooring so why not deviate from the usual and use bathroom stained concrete flooring instead. It can be surprisingly easy to do and with a couple of tutorials, you can even do it by yourself.

You can make your concrete floor look similar to stone tiles,granite or marble with a very little instruction.Concrete provides a long-lasting,stylish surface and can withstand spills, stains and moisture in a bathroom. It is a cost efficient and environmentally-friendly option that offers freedom in design and freedom from extreme maintenance.

stained concrete floor, decorative concrete, acid stained floor

Concrete floors are beneficial to your health. People with allergies don't get exposed to mites and dust.Concrete floor is also environmentally friendly, which makes it a good green building choice.It slow to cool down and to heat, which will reduce your utility bills.Stained floors are easy to maintain.Lust sweep them and mop,re-wax occasionally.

And the last but not least - they are easy on your budget. In new construction, stained concrete runs about half the price of hardwood floors.This type of flooring is also a perfect complement to radiant floor heating.

To get a better idea on how to do staining on a concrete floor, this article will help give you a clearer picture. That way you can decide if staining is really what you want to do with your bathroom.

The process on how to do bathroom stained concrete flooring is comprised of several steps:

1. Before starting with the process, make sure to clean the entire floor surface that you intend to work one. If you do not clean the surface properly, chances are you will have small bumps on the coat of your floor.

2. In order not to get acid etching and stain on other areas of your bathroom, place some paper and tape to line these areas. This will protect them from the effects of the stain and acid etching.

3. Depending on the texture of your concrete flooring, you may use either diluted etching acid (rough concrete) or full strength etching acid (smooth concrete flooring).

4. The acid etching can be applied by using a plastic bucket or a sprinkling metal can. Do not use a sprayer since this can be dangerous.

5. After applying the etching, you may spread it across the entire surface (do include the corners and areas close to the doorway). Make sure to use a broom or something that avoids direct contact between you and the etching. Allow it to stand for several minutes then scrub the area hard with the broom. Make sure to scrub before the acid gets too dried up.

6. After this, wash the floor with fresh running water while simultaneously scrubbing the floor. Using a pressure washer can be a more effective method in this case. Just make sure not to get splattered by the acid.

7. Dry the surface then check if the surface is gritty enough or else you may have to repeat the first process all over again.

8. Apply the stain once the floor surface is completely dried. Re-tape the edges in order to protect the walls and doors.

9. Apply the stain with the sprayer in a circular motion. This would give the area a mottled effect. In cases where you want it to look more uniform, roll the stain on the area after spraying. Allow this to dry for several hours. Afterwards determine whether you would want to place another coating or not.

10. Once you are satisfied with the colour, apply the sealer. The sealer has a milk consistency but do not panic since when it dries it actually becomes clear. The sealer can be used more than once to ensure that your stain is fully protected. Once this dries, you are now done with your bathroom stained concrete flooring.

stained concrete floor, decorative concrete, acid stained floor

There are no two the same concrete floors, will look alike, even if they are treated with the same staining product and in the same shades.This is due to the difference in texture and age of the concrete,it surface porosity and environmental conditions.

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