Cool ideas for teen bathroom - Make it personal

Coming up with cool ideas for teen bathroom is a great way to help them feel like they have a space of their own that reflects their style.

The key to creating a teen bathroom that can be that place of escape is to make sure it has all of the necessities while still incorporating their personality.

When you are thinking of ideas for bathroom for teenagers, ask for their input. What would they like to see in their bathroom? What are their favorite colors? What other decorating ideas do they have?

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Here are a few necessities for every teen bathroom:


All teens take their appearance very seriously. Many of them, girls especially, will spend more time in front of the mirror than in any other place in the bathroom. This is why it is crucial to have a large mirror.Check out some girls bathroom ideas.

You can make this mirror reflect your teen's style by framing it with wood and painting it, or you can choose a mirror that is a unique shape (such as circular or in a wave-shape).

-Counter space

Having sufficient space on the counter to set everything is a must. Hair products alone take up a hefty portion of the countertop. When you add hygiene items and make-up, things get crowded quickly. By providing a little extra counter space you will avoid creating a cramped situation.

Make this a cool space by choosing a colorful countertop or one made of unique (but easy to clean material) such as granite or decorative tiles.

-Storage space

As discussed above, teenagers have a lot of stuff. Most of it they don't even use, or at least not very often. It is critical that the bathroom has a wide array of drawers, shelves, racks and hooks to allow teens to have whatever they want in their bathroom.

It's easy to personalize drawers and closet doors with unique handles. Just take a quick trip to your local hardware store or go online to find colorful handles or handles with interesting patters.


As every mother knows, teenagers love to throw their clothes on the floor. Giving them an actual hamper will eliminate clutter and will make the carpet visible again. The bathroom is a great place to put the hamper, especially in boys bathroom.

Choose a hamper that has a lid to make everything stay neat and tidy. Try to find a hamper that matches the décor of the rest of the bathroom.

cool teen bathroom, teenager bathrrom

Here are some cool bathroom ideas for teenagers to add a personal touch:

-Shower curtain

The fastest way to make a teenage bathroom feel one-of-a-kind is to put in a unique shower curtain. This is often the first thing you see when you walk in. Try to choose one that blends nicely with the rest of the room; bold colors will make the room feel smaller while more muted colors will make the room feel larger.

-Wall colors

If you let your teen pick the paint for the walls in their bathroom, it will make them feel like it really is theirs. The color a person chooses to use for their walls says a lot about them as an individual. You can nudge them in the right direction though; remind them that the bathroom should be "spa-like" and inviting. Pastels, mints and soft hues are good ideas for bathrooms.

-Floor mats

Bathroom floor mats come in a rainbow of colors. Teenagers should pick out their own mats in whatever color their heart desires. Don't forget the matching toilet lid cover to top it off.

cool teen bathroom, teenager bathrrom

These are just a few great ideas for teen bathroom. Other good ideas for teen bathrooms include wall hangings, mirror markers and anything else that makes the bathroom unique to the individual teenager.

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