Take Advantage of a Towel Shelf and All of its Functions

Have you been looking at a towel shelf and trying to determine the difference between it and regular towel racks? You probably have determined that the top flat portion is a clear indicator of it being a shelf. But, have you figured out the difference and how one can be more practical than the other? One of the most common things that people require in a bathroom is a towel; and especially with guests, you have to wonder where you might be able to store additional clean towels. Guess what? A towel shelf is your answer and one that can really keep your bathroom looking clean and nicely designed.

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The beautiful thing about these shelves is the array of uses that it can provide. There is a design for any personal preference as well as functionality. Some towel shelves include an additional towel bar at the bottom to hang the towel currently being used while the shelf can hold extra folded towels available when needed. These can be found in practically any material, but the wooden style is quite beautiful.

There are even some that have intricate wood detailing that can really tie in the entire bathroom design. For a more contemporary theme; there are steel, ceramic, and porcelain available that can be utilized for any style.

hanging towel shelf,bathroom towel shelf, bathroom decorative accessories

However, for additional choices; there are even a few that offer a shelf along with hooks on the bottom to hang robes or towels. For those that share a bathroom; double towel shelves are available to increase storage without cluttering the bathroom. These are functional as well as decorative!

As for different placements; many people use a towel shelf as the main holder while others utilize it in the shower area for wash cloths and the storage of soaps and shampoos. There really are numerous ideas that can be used with towel shelves over a simple towel rack.

hanging towel shelf,bathroom towel shelf, bathroom decorative accessories

The different designs include decoration and colored towels to accentuate the décor in the bathroom. For instance, if the theme is blue and white; why not fold and neatly place the alternating colors in towels right on the shelf! You can even add small trinkets in between to tie in any additional design. However, if having extra towels is not a priority; then using the shelf part for oil fusers, small plants, and accents can also help to provide a flowing design throughout the bathroom.

So, when you're decorating your bathroom and looking into storage; check out a towel shelf and utilize the different functions it holds! Remember; it's not just for design, but practicality as well.

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