A guide to traditional bathroom vanities and traditional bathroom sinks

When you are redesigning your bathroom, deciding between contemporary or traditional bathroom vanities should be fairly easy

Different house designs will inspire different bathroom designs, which results in either contemporary or traditional vanities.

Larger and more elegant homes with old-fashioned wooden designs require a traditional bathroom, which require traditional vanities.

If you're having problems deciding, these are the more common aspects of traditional bathrooms:

  • Wooden decoration, typically found in older homes
  • Large bathroom where space is not an issue
  • Free-standing mirror above vanity with no cabinets
  • Large wooden door with a sculptured molding

If you decide to go the traditional route when redesigning your bathroom, the first things you should pick between are traditional bathroom vanities. Traditional bathroom vanities are the center piece of the room, and they are the most important design choice.

Traditional bathroom vanities should be elegant and lavish. For these reasons, they are usually more expensive. They are usually mounted on the ground, as opposed to wall mounted, and they have a free-standing mirror. You can choose between light or dark wooden colors. Make sure the vanity matches the moldings all around the bathroom, doorway and the door itself.

traditional bathroom vanities,traditional bathroom sinks

Traditional bathroom sinks

After determining what vanity you want, you get to look at sinks. There are several options for picking out sinks, including determining whether or not it will be a double sink. Double sinks are very convenient with couples, especially if the couple will be getting ready for work around the same time in the morning.

When you know how many sinks you need, you can mix and match different sinks with different vanities.

There are several styles of traditional bathroom sinks that can be chosen. These are the styles of traditional bathroom sinks:

  • Framed vanity sink. These sinks are less expensive and elaborate than most sinks. The sink itself is dropped into a vanity, and metal trim is used to frame it in the vanity. The materials used to build these sinks are porcelain, pressured steel, and cast-iron.
  • Drop in sink. These sinks are also less expensive and dropped into the vanity. Instead of using trim to frame it, though, the sink uses a clamping system built into the bottom of the sink. They also can be made with porcelain and cast iron, but another option is vitreous china.
  • Under mount sink. As you may be able to guess, these sinks mount from underneath the hole in the sink. These sinks look nicer than the other two and are made with many materials including stainless steel, copper, vitreous china or a composite resin material. They run a little more expensive.

After you have picked out your traditional bathroom sink, pick out the style of handles you would like. These handles should match the design of the rest of the bathroom, and are commonly ceramic or wooden.

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