Beautiful Wood Flooring

Many of us are thinking that laying wood flooring in bathrooms is a hopeless case, but modern materials made it possible.

We all know that water and the wood will never be friends. No matter how hard you try, but the spray of water one way or another fall on the floor, so the wood swells and deforms. In addition, the water numb under the wooden floor, forming a favorable environment for the emergence of the fungus.

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Wood floor for the bathroom is absolutely a great idea.

If you're planning to refurbish your bathroom, starting with the walls and flooring must be in your renovation list. The floor constitutes a big portion of your bathroom. It is important that the design of your bathroom flooring supplements the overall appearance of the area.

Many home owners choose wood floor basically because it goes along with any wall and furniture design. If your bathroom has lots of ceramic items, wooden flooring is still suitable. If you have several mirrors and glass accessories, wood will enhance your bathroom area more. Simply put, wood is a versatile material for flooring. There are many kinds of wood that you can choose from. There are wooden flooring that have lighter color (light brown, yellow, golden-like, etc) and there are darker wooden floors such as the mahogany. It would depend on your taste and preference what kind of flooring you will use; any color would be fine anyway.

The most evident disadvantage of wood floor is that it is vulnerable to some home pests and decay. However, this is not true to all woods. One of the most durable woods that you may want to consider is teak. Teak doesn't need too much maintenance. It's very durable, sturdy, and would last for hundreds of years. People often complain on their wooden bathroom flooring because exposure to water leads to its decay. Fortunately, this isn't true with teak and other types of hardwood. Hardwood flooring is somewhat expensive however; it is always worth the price.

Elegance and Warmth of Wooden Floor

More and more people are investing a lot to beautify their bathrooms. Some would install different decors and artistic crafts to create an elegant and stylish atmosphere. There are many bathroom ornamentals and furniture that come in wide array of designs. Same is true with wood flooring. Wood flooring embodies the same sense of fashion and style. It doesn't go out of the fad when it comes to interior designs. Wooden flooring matches any kind of furniture- may it be glass, metal, plastic, Lucite, acrylic, and of course wood furniture. Aside from its inherent beauty, wood feels warm in the feet unlike tiles and ceramic flooring. It's also easy to maintain. Aside from the bathroom, wood flooring is also suitable for all other areas such as the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and dining areas

The rapid development of new technologies in construction led to the creation of a unique product - woodboards, which are suitable for use in bathrooms. It meets the high requirements for water resistance, which are set to such materials. These boards are made of parquet wood - merbau.

Merbau - grows in the areas bordering the rivers or water meadows. Merbau applies to exotic woods and thanks to its moisture-resistant qualities, it is constantly used as a finishing material in bathrooms or saunas. There is a wide range of colors - from almost white to dark brown.

wood flooring, wood floor in bathroom, hardwood floor, merbau, parquet floor

Merbau is valued for its antifungal properties. Naturally this wood contains a large number of oils, and it is resistant to any moisture or mold, or rot. It is important that the massive merbau boards does not change its properties over the time and does not warp.

Once you make a decision to use merbau in your bathroom , you can simply enjoy the beautiful appearance and practical finish for quite a long time.

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