Wooden Bathtubs - be close to nature

Wooden Bathtubs - an exquisite interior element of any bathroom. Wooden bathroom is an unbeaten and elegant for sophisticated connoisseurs of modern style bathroom

Wooden tubs are now considered to be exclusive, but in times when bathing culture in its infancy, the tree was the usual material for bathtubs. Naturally the care of a wooden tub is much harder than usual enamel or acrylic.

Wooden tubs are made from wood that are resistant to water and moisture, for example, larch, mahogany, teak array. Those types of tree have been prized by ship masters and modern methods of processing and protection of wood against moisture is a continuation of the old processing technology of ship hulls.

The most common forms of wooden bathtubs are boats, yachts and bowls. Not surprisingly, these forms are most often used in bathroom design, especially designed as ambient or Zen. With its spectacular view wooden tub becomes a key element in the design of the room, especially when installing it in the middle of the bathroom.

Most wooden bath manufactured with no frills and is used in minimalism style. Often, the entire bathroom is made with wood in a minimalism style. For this purpose, sinks, shower trays and panels on the walls, all made of wood.

There is another type of wooden tubs. They are descendants of wooden barrels or bins and performed on the same technology. The bottom and sides of the different pieces are joined with metal hoops, like barrels. Similarly, fitting the details provided in such baths tightness. But nowadays modern sealants applied.

Water treatments in a wooden tub have their incomparable aura, which will hardly be able to compare with modern steel or acrylic bathtub. These feelings are similar to those we get in sauna and steam rooms.

However, there are very strict limitations on use of wooden bathtubs. Naturally they cannot be used for the indirect purpose: to wash or bathe pets. There are also some recommendations for cleaning, care and selection of cleaning products. These data needs to be checked with the manufacturer and comply with such recommendations guarantee a long life of your wooden tubs.

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Advantages and disadvantages of wooden bathtubs

The advantages of bathing in a wooden tub:
  • originality
  • ecological safety;
  • pleasant sensation on contact with natural wood;
  • aesthetic aspect ( emits a unique aura);
  • easy integrate into the bath aero-and hydro-massage device.

Disadvantages of wooden tubs:

  • wood is sensitive to the effects of cleaning agents;
  • in a wooden tub, you should not wash and bathe pets;
  • for the everyday washing is better to use a shower and bath leave solely for pleasure.

Feelings that give water treatment in the tender embrace of the ancestors and natural wooden tubs, incomparable to anything else

Try to make the original choice, which will compliment your taste and bring pleasure to you

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